About us

The founders of Sattvic Life

Megumi Nachev

Sattvic Cooking

Megumi Nachev from Japan has been involved in the development of the sattvic lifestyle for decades. She has been specializing in the art of sattvic cooking and has had a vegetarian restaurant in Tokyo for ten years. Nowadays she makes videos about vegetarian and sattvic cooking and is developing Sattvic Cooking Courses (www.hurrybowl.com)

Peter Kryger

Sattva Training

Peter Krijger from the Netherlands has been developing the sattvic lifestyle since 1975 and inspired many to do the same. He has been working as a regression therapist since 1985 and as a life coach since 2000. He is the director of the Atma Institute for personal development and coaching in the Netherlands, which he founded in 1989 (www.atma.nl)